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China Outlook is a paid-for magazine, available only to online subscribers – although readers can access up to two articles for free. We publish 8-10 new articles each month on a wide variety of topics.

Our objective is to create a wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary discussion on China’s future. We believe that the general level of debate on China needs to be lifted and that this requires a combination of greater journalistic skills and access to better quality information.

Our subscribers are encouraged to take part in the debates and discussions initiated by articles in the magazine. From time to time we hope to organise ‘by invitation only’ events with important speakers, as well as public events and conferences.

China Outlook believes in a robust scepticism towards published/official data and retains a healthy respect for verifiable facts.

China Outlook is aimed at decision makers and analysts in the government and financial, commercial and academic worlds, in the fields of diplomacy and strategic studies, in law, environmental science and education.

We employ writers from a wide range of backgrounds and we do not seek to impose a particular editorial line on our authors. Other than accuracy and fairness, we have no vested interest in the conclusions reached by our writers.

China Outlook is always looking for writers with expertise in their chosen areas of expertise and welcomes those who have a background in Chinese culture and language. Based in Hong Kong, it is editorially independent.

Readers who wish to contribute to China Outlook should contact the editor via editor@chinaoutlook.com

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