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Weekly Round-Up: Top 5 International Stories on China

April 5, 2015 by Blog Editor

 Top international stories on China this week include Ford’s new focus on China with its Lincoln Continental as well as a solar powered plane making a landing in the country.


  1. Business


Ford’s Lincoln Continental may have ceased production in 2002 due to Japanese and German luxury cars beating it out in the American market, but the company has announced that the once iconic vehicle of the rich and famous will return with its motor set on gaining a presence in China in order to gain the eyes of the international community once again.

The multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer announced it will stop selling vaccines in China because the government did not renew a license for imports concerning one of its products.

Oil producing company Petroleo Brasileiro SA is attempting to become closer to China with a new finance contract with the China Development Bank. The contract being worth $3.5 billion is seen as a means to escape recent scandals that have kicked the company from international bond markets.

 China’s Telecom Corp Ltd has signed a deal with International Business Machines(IBM) that will allow it to gain corporate-grade mobile apps. IBM will be the manager of said apps through its MobileFirst service and work with the Chinese company to gain clients such as large, state owned companies and smaller private startups.

  1. China-Run International Bank

 With Tuesday having been the deadline for joining China’s new infrastructure bank, the list of countries having signed up includes France, Germany, the U.K, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, and Taiwan. 

  1. South China Sea and Asian Relations

 China has been adding sand and concrete to the areas around the coral reefs to create what is now an artificial landmass of over 4sq/km. This artificial land has been used to build facilities that neighbors fear will be used for military purposes.

In the wake of this, India and Japan have agreed to be closer in their defense ties. The Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar announced this during a visit to Japan where he met with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and General Nakatani.

Japan and China’s rivalry has even spilled over into subjects concerning the origins of Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms, with the executive chairman of the China Cherry Industry Association having claimed they came from China in the Himalayan mountains.

 4. USA Relations

 Two U.S Marine Corps F-18 fighter jets had to make an emergency landing on Taiwan due to a mechanical issue. This angered Beijing into believing the event was a message from America in response to China’s recent bomber drill near Taiwan.

 The USA has also created new sanctions against hackers and cybercriminals that China has strongly criticized due to its belief that the USA shouldn’t unilaterally work on an issue that influences the entire world. Instead, China has voiced the opinion that cyber security should be dealt with by the global community together.

 5. Solar Powered Plane World Tour

A solar-powered plane landed in China during its attempt at finishing the world’s first round-the-world trip.

By Christian Manley



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