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Weekly Round-Up: Top 5 International Stories on China

March 17, 2015 by Christian Manley

From the spillover of ethnic tensions in Myanmar to the opening of the Twitter office in Hong Kong, here are the top five international stories on China this week.


1.     Myanmar border

 Tensions between Myanmar’s government and its northern ethnic minorities have continued to spill over into China with an aircraft in the struggle having killed four in Chinese territory with a bomb. This happened in a sugarcane field near Lincang in Yunnan province.

 This led to Myanmar’s ambassador being called to China in an attempt to discuss the issue. China has also sent military forces to patrol the border

 2.     Twitter Opening

Hong Kong had Twitter create an office in the city. The goal of this endeavor was to allow Chinese companies to use the online platform to market to the international world.

3.     USA Criticizes UK over China

The UK has placed a bid to be a founding member of a Chinese development bank. The bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, is questioned by the USA for its commitment to following international guidelines.

China is creating this venture to help finance Asian energy, transport, and infrastructure.

 4.     Arms Sales

 China is now a bigger international arms seller than Germany, France, and the UK, making it the world’s third largest. This accounts to around 5% of global exports with the majority of it going to Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

5.     Chinese Nationals In ISIS

China’s struggle with Muslims in Xinjiang has been a continuing issue for decades, but now this conflict is connecting up with ISIS since China’s Muslims have begun joining the Islamic State.

The numbers have reached 300 to date.

By Christian Manley

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