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Weekly Round-Up: Top 5 International Stories on China

March 11, 2015 by Christian Manley

Missed out on your share on news on China for this week? From Prince William’s visit to the launch of an e-Commerce site by Foxconn, here the top international stories on China.


1.     Prince William’s Visit

 Prince William is the first British royal to visit China since 1986. He was not only given a private tour of Beijing’s Forbidden Temple, but also a meeting with Xi Jinping and lunch with Vice-President Li Yuanchao.

The prince’s visit was meant to open a UK launched cultural business exchange called The Great Festival of Creativity that will focus on advertising British companies in China.

Some in the British media have seen the prince’s trip as a sign for British handling Chinese relations wrongly. They believe sending a royal family member reinforces the UK’s stereotype as a tourist trip from mainland Europe for Chinese citizens to visit.

2.     Box Office Earnings

Never before in history has China had more monthly box office earnings than the United States. In January this changed due to the Lunar New Year holiday season’s influx of domestic films. While the USA had $640 million in February, China had $650 million.

 3.     Foxconn E-Commerce

 Taiwan’s Foxconn launched, a marketplace for online selling of electronics. It plans on selling Apple iPhones, Samsung tablets, and Lenovo laptop computers.

 This may be due to the company’s failure to find growth in the convetional retail market.

 4.     Cuba-Bound Ship Detained By Sri Lanka

 A boat coming from China and traveling to Cuba was stopped by Colombian officials. It was reported that it was carrying explosives and other arms. This was noted as being illegal.

 The ship also held 100 tonnes of gunpowder, around three million detonators, and 3,000 cannon shells.

 5.     Japan Talks

It was decided that Japan and China will hold security talks later this month on the 19th. Top officials of both countries’ defense and foreign ministries will join in the meeting.​

By Christian Manley


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