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Weekly Round-Up: Top 5 International Stories on China

April 20, 2015 by Blog Editor

Top international stories on China this week include Coke buying new companies in the country and Apple building solar farms in Sichuan.



  1. Trade and Business

 With China having it’s biggest auto show, car companies have been making new plans in the country. For instance, Volkswagen is thinking of building new plants for more production of SUVs and MPVs. BMW has plans to produce three new models and build its first casting plant outside of Germany in the country.

 Coca-Cola Co will soon purchase China’s Culiangwang Beverages Holding Lts for $400.5 million.

 Chinese companies have been making news as well with the drone maker SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd having established a leading position in the commercial market of the United States. The Chinese version of Netflix known as Letv is establishing a presence in the United States with attempts to sell smartphones, smart TVs, and a video streaming service for Chinese-speaking Americans. 

  1. Taiwan

 Taiwan has had a hard week with China seeing that Beijing sent remarks to the country’s Democratic Progressive Party warning that if they wish to win the upcoming presidential election they should not speak of independence.

 This comes at the same time as Beijing’s new Asia Infrastructure Bank rejected Taiwan’s bid to join.

  1. Oceania

 Australia’s Treasurer has made plans to meet China’s Treasurer in Washington D.C to discuss issues concerning the demand for iron ore and wishes to work out ways to make sure supply is reliable and predictable.

 Leaked papers have shown that New Zealand has been working on ways to spy on Chinese Government buildings in Auckland for the United States.

  1. Japan

 Latest data from the USA’s government revealed that Japan overtook China as the country holding the largest American debt.

 Japan also received word from China criticizing the use of spy vehicles and how they jeopardize Chinese ships.

  1. Environmental

The Filipino Department of Foreign Affairs have claimed that China’s island-building in the South China Sea has destroyed 300 acres of coral reefs while hurting biodiversity and ecology.

Reports have also come out saying that along with the United States, China produced the most electronic waste in 2014 with all the mobile phones, hair dryers, and fridges that were thrown out.

This was joined with good news that there was a decline in coal imports in China last year and that Apple is building two new solar farms in Sichuan province for the production of clean, renewable energy.


By Christian Manley

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