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Weekly Round Up: Top 5 International Stories On China

April 13, 2015 by Blog Editor

Top international stories on China this week include the decline in China’s exports and rises in defence spending as well as plans to build a railroad connecting the country to Nepal.



  1. Trade and Business

 From the perspective of the yuan, China’s exports in March fell from a year ago by 14.6% and imports fell 12.3%. It had been expected that exports would rise 8% and that imports would fall 11%.

 Nevertheless, China has shown good signs for Apple seeing that the company’s iPhone market has declined everywhere in the world besides the country.

 In similar news, HTC has launched its One M9+ phone in China. The company has stated it doesn’t plan on doing the same in North America or Europe.

 Lastly, the large Australian construction firm John Holland Group has been sold to China Communications Construction Company.

  1. Defence and Military

 India and China have been discussing whether both countries should exchange officers so that both countries can gain training at one another’s military academies.

 This comes in light of news that China spent an estimated $216 billion on defence last year. Since this was a 9.7% rise, it puts the country beside Russia and Eastern Europeans that had the biggest increase in spending last year due to the Ukrainian crisis. China is still below the spending of the United States.

  1. United States

 Obama stated warnings towards China over its growing presence in the South China Sea where it has been creating artificial islands. The USA exclaimed worry that China was evolving to be too much of a bully towards smaller countries in the region.

Regardless, the USA explained in a meeting between security officials of the two countries that it will help China capture any officials who have escaped the country seeking protection from President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign.

  1. South Asia and the Middle East 

China has begun talking about a railroad that will go underneath Mount Everest so that the country can be linked with nearby Nepal. This speculative rail will be connected to the Qinghai-Tibet railway that connects China to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa.

This mission to extend China’s commercial connections to other countries in the south has also drifted into plans to establish a natural gas pipeline to link Iran with Pakistan.

Iran has been in the headlines quite often this week with its Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh having visited China to discuss new plans for energy cooperation involving oil production and development.

Southern Asia has also appeared a topic of discussion due to Beijing’s decision to stop allowing Shenzhen civilians to travel to Hong Kong for unlimited periods. Hong Kong citizens have complained about being overrun by tourists and now each person visiting will only be allowed one week of holiday.

  1. Japan

The first evaluation of Japan’s middle school textbooks since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was released and resulted in angering China due to the continued focus on glancing over wartime atrocities Japan committed 70 years ago. The new look at the textbooks also reviewed how Japan has used its education to teach why it has ownership of the East China Sea.


By Christian Manley

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