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Weekly Round Up: Top 5 International Stories On China

May 25, 2015 by Blog Editor

Top stories concerning China this week include arrests of Chinese professors for technology theft and meetings with Myanmar over Yunnan shelling injuries.


  1. USA

 Six Chinese nationals were charged by the United States for alleged technology theft. Three of those arrested were university professors, including Xi Xiaoxing, the chairman of Temple University’s physics department. They have been accused of attempting use the theft to benefit Chinese mobile phone companies.

 The Chinese navy also gave a US surveillance aircraft eight warnings during its flight within airspace over Beijing’s artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea. The event also tested China’s electronic jamming abilities on US drones.

 Tsinghua Holdings has been sold a 51% stake in the US tech company Hewlett-Packard’s Chinese server business.

  1. South America

 Premier Li Keqiang had a three day visit to South America with stops in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

 The visit resulted in finalizing multibillion-dollar trade and investment deals with Brazil concerning transportation, agriculture, and energy. China also has been given allowance to receive 22 Brazilian Embraer commercial jets for China’s Tianjin Airlines.

 Peru has agreed to study Beijing’s plan to establish a railway linking Brazil’s Atlantic coast with Peru’s Pacific beaches.

  1. Japan

 Japan’s first lady, Akie Abe, visited the infamous Yasukuni Shrine and received ill comments from Beijing for doing so due to its connection to Japan’s history in World War 2. The visit is one of many that have been occurring in recent years and been a heated topic between China and Japan.

  1. Taiwan

 Taiwanese and Chinese representatives met on Saturday on the island of Kinmen to speak about continuing closer ties between the two countries, allowing Chinese tourists the ability to make transit stops in Taiwan, illegal ocean floor excavating, and Chinese tourism.

 As this occurred, Taiwanese protesters were held back by police while they called against Taiwan joining China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. These clashes were highly censored in China.

  1. Myanmar

 A protest was upheld by China against Myanmar’s shelling last week that injured Chinese citizens in Yunnan province. The two countries met in Myanmar’s capital of Naypyltaw where Myanmar’s army chief, Senior Gen.Min Aung Hiaing explained that the shelling came from Kokang rebels and not the government.


By Christian Manley



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